March 3, 2017

Horror TV shows that you cant miss

Scream from MTV

Scream MTV
The fact that good ideas do not age even after a long time may be seen with the new TV series on the MTV channel called Scream. Events unfold in a small American town with the peaceful name of Lakewood. That’s just peaceful and quiet life is only the outer shell, as senior pupils of the local school may see. The main character, Emma Duvall, is 16-year-old shy schoolgirl. Among her friends there are self-contained Audrey, obsessed with computers Noah, burdened with bulging muscles, but not intelligence Will, glamorous Brook and recently joined the school’s hiding something from all Kieran. One day teens spread harmless at first glance video on YouTube just for fun. Number of views rolls over and the company comes to the delight of its popularity. However, they are happy not for long. Soon there starts a wave of murders in Lakewood. And the guys are aware that these crimes are triggered by their video. TV series is going to tell us more about it and you can already watch scream season 2 free while you wait for previous season.

Tales From The Crypt from TNT channel

tales from the crypt
The series Tales from the Crypt cannot be limited by any single genre as too many of them are intertwined into one organic whole. There is an element of detective and thriller, horror and mysticism. And of course, all this is flavored by the sauce called “black humor”. In addition, it says not only about the things of science fiction and paranormal, but also the story about the dark side of our daily life. Generally, this is the best scary story for grown and even aged boys and girls. Perhaps it is because of this crazy mix of genres and styles, and the show Tales from the Crypt season 1 has become one of the most favorite. Each episode is preceded by a short comic book and welcome of the Crypt Keeper. It is a different story with its negative hero: cruel, stingy, arrogant or selfish. The episode lasts less than half an hour, but it is always in the drive. During 25 minutes story revolves so much and ending is so unpredictable that is takes breath away.

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