March 1, 2017

From women about women

Latest TV series that I has watched recently and like a women could make recommendations for women.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Five simple American schoolgirls were simply “inseparable” and major characters of Pretty Little Liars. But then Alison mysteriously disappeared. After this incident, ways of Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily dispersed. But a year after the disappearance of Alison, they meet again. It does not go about the revival of friendship as the girls come together for a reason. There are messages from a stranger, with the capital letter “E”. These messages tell about the mysteries of former friends, some of which only Alison could know. Each of these girls guards some skeleton in her own closet. One managed to start an affair with the teacher. The second cannot define her orientation. A third suffers kleptomania; the fourth takes the older sister’s groom. The mysterious “E” of Pretty Little Liars blackmails disclosure of these secrets. But who is the author of the messages and what he wants?


Great people have great problems as it may be seen from Scandal season 6. The same incident cause very different reaction in the society. Scandals put an end to the careers of many notorious people. Preventing these scandals is work of Olivia Pope. Once, she worked as a press secretary of the first US official. She had to leave the White House, but the communication and experience remained. Now Olivia heads the agency of anti-crisis managers. Their task is to protect the privacy and save the reputation of important people, who got in a delicate position. As Olivia employees say, they are not lawyers. “Lawyers are for cowards”, – adds one of them. If they do everything right, the case does not even come to the court, and therefore does not become the property of the yellow press. Scandal season 6 is going to reveal all the mysteries of their work.

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