June 30, 2017

So here came the season 5th of great TV series

Would you enjoy 5th season of Arrow as we?

Arrow tv show
The major character of the series Arrow season 5 led dissolute and carefree lifestyle because he could afford it. Oliver Queen is a son of billionaire, owner of a huge corporation. However, after shipwreck the young man learns from his father about all the sins made by him and his friends. Oliver gives a promise that after coming back, he will save his hometown of those who once betrayed him. Until this moment, Oliver will have to live long and painful five years on a desert island. However, after coming back home, he refused to make justice.

Another 5th season that we truly recommend to watch

the walking dead
Fear The Walking Dead is an American drama series with evident elements of horror which focuses on the relationship between parents and children. Against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse with which we were able to meet in the movie of the same name, we may get acquainted with the story of the regular school teacher named Sean Karber and leader of the woman’s council Nancy Tompkins. Sean recently failed in his personal life, Nancy brings up alone two children, who constantly bring a lot of problems. But even this is not a disaster, compared with what is happening in the world. On the territory of the country here and there began to appear mysterious tidings of the manifestation of strange events. Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will tell about the zombie apocalypse. We truly can recommend you download the walking dead season 5 and watch it at the big screen at weekend.
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March 3, 2017

HBO upcoming show The Deuce expect to be amazing

Yes master of The Wire will create for us new show about special tv industry at 70’s.

The Deuce tv show from HBO channel

James Franco Deuce
On what is it always and endlessly possible to make profit? On human pleasures and vices that are often united. This is the story The Deuce season 1 series. It goes about the 1970-80th. It was kind of the end of an era in which innocence is intricately intertwined with looseness. When nature got tired from this and it considered such way of life promiscuity, it sends down on AIDS. During this time, in the New York Manhattan there appears Eileen Merrell. Clients knew her as a Swetie. Eileen had the second oldest profession. That is why when in the dark corners of Times Square there began to emerge a new industry, which was going to be supervised by the twins-homosexuals according to the rumors, Sweetie was right there. Should she mind, if her working moments would be filmed and even not for free, will be known from season 1. The deuce hbo release date will be announced very soon.
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March 3, 2017

Horror TV shows that you cant miss

Scream from MTV

Scream MTV
The fact that good ideas do not age even after a long time may be seen with the new TV series on the MTV channel called Scream. Events unfold in a small American town with the peaceful name of Lakewood. That’s just peaceful and quiet life is only the outer shell, as senior pupils of the local school may see. The main character, Emma Duvall, is 16-year-old shy schoolgirl. Among her friends there are self-contained Audrey, obsessed with computers Noah, burdened with bulging muscles, but not intelligence Will, glamorous Brook and recently joined the school’s hiding something from all Kieran. One day teens spread harmless at first glance video on YouTube just for fun. Number of views rolls over and the company comes to the delight of its popularity. However, they are happy not for long. Soon there starts a wave of murders in Lakewood. And the guys are aware that these crimes are triggered by their video. TV series is going to tell us more about it and you can already watch scream season 2 free while you wait for previous season.

Tales From The Crypt from TNT channel

tales from the crypt
The series Tales from the Crypt cannot be limited by any single genre as too many of them are intertwined into one organic whole. There is an element of detective and thriller, horror and mysticism. And of course, all this is flavored by the sauce called “black humor”. In addition, it says not only about the things of science fiction and paranormal, but also the story about the dark side of our daily life. Generally, this is the best scary story for grown and even aged boys and girls. Perhaps it is because of this crazy mix of genres and styles, and the show Tales from the Crypt season 1 has become one of the most favorite. Each episode is preceded by a short comic book and welcome of the Crypt Keeper. It is a different story with its negative hero: cruel, stingy, arrogant or selfish. The episode lasts less than half an hour, but it is always in the drive. During 25 minutes story revolves so much and ending is so unpredictable that is takes breath away.

March 1, 2017

From women about women

Latest TV series that I has watched recently and like a women could make recommendations for women.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Five simple American schoolgirls were simply “inseparable” and major characters of Pretty Little Liars. But then Alison mysteriously disappeared. After this incident, ways of Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily dispersed. But a year after the disappearance of Alison, they meet again. It does not go about the revival of friendship as the girls come together for a reason. There are messages from a stranger, with the capital letter “E”. These messages tell about the mysteries of former friends, some of which only Alison could know. Each of these girls guards some skeleton in her own closet. One managed to start an affair with the teacher. The second cannot define her orientation. A third suffers kleptomania; the fourth takes the older sister’s groom. The mysterious “E” of Pretty Little Liars blackmails disclosure of these secrets. But who is the author of the messages and what he wants?


Great people have great problems as it may be seen from Scandal season 6. The same incident cause very different reaction in the society. Scandals put an end to the careers of many notorious people. Preventing these scandals is work of Olivia Pope. Once, she worked as a press secretary of the first US official. She had to leave the White House, but the communication and experience remained. Now Olivia heads the agency of anti-crisis managers. Their task is to protect the privacy and save the reputation of important people, who got in a delicate position. As Olivia employees say, they are not lawyers. “Lawyers are for cowards”, – adds one of them. If they do everything right, the case does not even come to the court, and therefore does not become the property of the yellow press. Scandal season 6 is going to reveal all the mysteries of their work.